CommunicAsia 2022 will be held at the Singapore Expo from 1 to 3 June.
CommunicAsia 2022 at the Singapore
As one of the largest sharing platforms in the Asia-Pacific communication sector, CommunicAsia focuses on a variety of critical technologies and developing technologies.
Holoswim goggles at CommunicAsia 2022
GUANGLI showcased the affordable augmented reality (AR) product, Holoswim(TM) holographic smart swimming goggles.  
  holoswim goggles with smart display
Holoswim is an AR smart swimming goggle created by GUANGLI that detects several sports indications in real-time when swimmers are swimming and may display them in front of the water. There is great interest in the underwater solutions offered by Granite Technologies.
Holoswim goggles in Singapore Expo
The person in charge of the photoparticle technology exhibition at the exhibition site explained and demonstrated the usage scenarios of Holoswim to the visitors, emphasizing the technical solutions of the holographic resin optical waveguide technology HoloresinTM and AR display developed by our photoparticles. It presents a practical technical solution for sports AR glasses that prioritize safety and has been well-received by clients from numerous countries and regions.
Holoswim smart goggles in Singapore Expo
The exhibition lasted for three days. There were 545 exhibitors from 32 countries and regions, with an exhibition space of 35,000 square meters. There were 196 local exhibitors and 349 international exhibitors. The various exhibition activities promote the business growth of enterprises with a high degree of industrial relevance and a high degree of comprehensiveness, attracting buyers and sellers to negotiate face-to-face to discuss the most recent accomplishments of the ICT industry and the emerging business opportunities in the development.
As a proponent and pioneer of AR smart glasses, GUANGLI is committed to constructing an AR ecosystem and a development platform. To actually "make smart glasses a new organ of human beings." GUANGLI will also introduce more unexpected items, progress into the period of popularized and mass-market affordable AR glasses, and continue to offer better AR products for a brighter future.